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The Benefits of Stopping Smoking (Part One)

So you're thinking of giving up smoking but just need a little persuading of the good things that will happen to you if you quit. You’ve been forced to hear about the bad things that will happen if you carry on but like me your probable fed up of that so let me tell you some of the benefits of stopping smoking.

Scare campaigns get you thinking of quitting but the truth is that few people go through with it. What the government should be telling you about is the good stuff and how quick it starts to happen.

Let me tell you about some of the things that happen within a few days of stopping smoking. Think about it for a minute, how long does it take before there are benefits of stopping smoking. Most people think a few days or even a week but the truth is that it only takes twenty minutes before the magic starts happening.

Within 20 minutes of stopping smoking your blood pressure and pulse rate drops to normal. Within 8 hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal and the oxygen level increases and by the end of day one (24 hours) your chance of having a heart attack has decreased.

Amazing isn’t it but the good stuff is still to come. After day two your destroyed nerve ending will begin to re-develop and re-grow. Your ability to smell and taste things improves noticeably.

After day 3 your Bronchial tubes begin to relax making breathing easier. Wow! Who would have thought that stopping smoking for such a little amount of time could make a difference to your health and everyday life. Your body is constantly recovering and getting better each day. Please just try and stop smoking for 3 or 4 days and see if it is easier to breathe. I’m sure you will want to stop when you see the improvement.

In part two of the article I’m going to tell you about the benefits that happen after quitting smoking for a couple of weeks to 15 years where your risk of heart disease becomes the same as a person that has never smoked. People don’t normally believe they can improve there health like this and that’s why they never stop but now you know this I’m sure your going to make a better decision.